Mission Statement
The mission of the Cambridge Metropolitan Housing Authority is to provide the best quality service to the applicants, residents, and landlords of our three-county area, in addition to ensuring safe, decent, and affordable housing.

In order to achieve this mission, we will:
bulletPerform our services in a pleasant, polite, and timely manner to all who telephone or visit our agency.
bulletBe honest and trustworthy when assisting the communities, thereby setting a work ethic that others will want to follow.
bulletAid applicants by providing information and referrals if necessary, and treat each individual fairly and consistently throughout the application process.
bulletBe dedicated to bettering the communities by insuring that we improve the quality of stock housing in each.
bulletStrive to satisfy our residents by performing work orders and replacements with quality material as well as quality workmanship.
bulletSearch out new opportunities for the planned expansion of services; either by developing them ourselves or by collaboration with other service providers.
bulletNurture working relationships with all who interact with the entity known as the Housing Authority, including but not limited to: Department of Housing and Urban Development, staff, assisted housing residents, state and local officials, social service providers, and with the business community.
bulletEffectively and efficiently implement, evaluate, monitor, and control all Housing Authority programs and administration.

Professionalism in our management of property, programs, and human resources is vital. We are equally committed to maintaining compassion for the people we serve.